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    Latest Projects

    August 2022

    Nature mapping

    Forest Spirits

    Legend has it that in the Asturian forests the spirits of the forest manifest themselves through mushrooms in patterns of light and color.

    A proyection mapping instalation in the northen forests of Spain.

    November 2021

    Planum et Lumen

    LuzMadrid 2021

    Installation for the LuzMadrid Festival
    Artistic Design: Maxi Gilbert
    Original Music: Olivier Arson
    Interactivity: Fernando Fernandez Sanchez

    June 2021


    A sensorial journey

    An audiovisual trip mixing organic instruments, analog and digital electronics.

    The concept consists of the interrelation of these instruments that influence each other, in the same way that the mycelium of the mushrooms serves as a subway communication network in the forests.

    September 2022 - Present

    Speculative Fiction Landscapes

    Artificial generated animations

    Animated landscapes created with 1.4 and 1.5 version of stable diffusion model. Sound design with Sonic Pi and Ableton

    August 2019 - Present

    Sounds of the World

    Audio trips

    A map created to share the sonorous wealth of our planet.

    You will discover different varieties of sounds, from nearby and remote places, sounds of nature, music, soundscapes, etc.

    Mars 2020 - Present


    Space of rural experimentation

    A place to create and develop projects, related to organic agriculture, self-construction, arts, technologies, energy, nature, music, etc.

    A community of people interested in self-sufficiency and willing to work for it.

    April 2018 - Present

    Live Coding Sessions

    Show us your screen

    Creating music and reactive visuals using algorithms and programming languages.

    May 2016 - August 2018

    Looped memories

    Short video projects designed to be played over and over again.


    Mind Dance - La danza de la mente

    #Automaticas18 - Interactivas

    Kinetic sculpture suspended with recycled speakers as a planetary system. The sounds and movements of these objects will be defined by muscular and brain sensors.

    The participant is invited to activate this sculpture with his own thoughts and movements reinterpreted by the designed system.

    The speakers reproduce sounds from the interior of the human body mixed with different music creations.


    Save the space cats

    Processing Community Day - Interactivas

    Processing, P5JS game for the interactive wall of Medialab Prado, Madrid. Created to commemorate the Processing Community Day.



    #Interactivos18 - Interactivas

    Poetic Robotic Sculpture built with electrical and electronic waste. Project developed within the call for #Interactivos18 of Medialab Prado, Madrid.


    Interactive Wall

    #GriGri Pixels - Interactivas

    Matrix inspired interactive wall based on processing and kinekt allows people to encript themselves in a digital environment and transform the wall reality.


    Video Mapping EVA

    GriGri Pixels 2017

    Old fruit and vegetable market in Madrid now converted in an open and selfmanaged space for neighbourgs.


    • Audio Editing
    • Video Editing
    • Video Mapping
    • AR dev
    • AI usage
    • 3D modeling
    • Hardware hacking
    Code & Programming languages
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Processing
    • Python
    • Bash
    • Ruby




    Horizontally and openly managed space-time group working on interactive and responsive performances and installations using tools such as Processing, Arduino, Openframeworks among others.

    Novembre 2017 - Present



    Experimental music, performing arts, visual arts, technology, art, interactive installations, permaculture, nature, self-sufficiency.

    Mars 2020 - Present

    Live Code Mad


    Collective of experimentation and sound creation through different technologies such as live programming, algorithms and artificial intelligences.

    August 2017 - Present

    Collective Mind


    Multimedia and technology collective oriented to promote the use of software and hardware libre in artistic performances.

    July 2012 - Nov 2022


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